How It Works

The aim of the game is to place the lowest unique bid on the auction, this is defined by being the only person to bid that amount, and that amount being the lowest.

The image above shows just how it works, as you can see the £1.27 bid is the lowest bid but more than 1 person bid at that value. The £1.28 bid is neither lowest nor unique so that is also not the winner either. The £1.29 bid is only bid by 1 person and is therefore the lowest unique bid and wins the auction!

You will aso see that £1.30 is a unique bid, meaning that if £1.29 suddenly got bid by someone else and became non-unique, £1.30 would have taken over as the new lowest unique bid.

Whoever has the lowest unique bid at the end of the auction wins!

Remember these 4 key points!

  1. When you place a bid you will see a message regarding the status of your bid. i.e. if it is the lowest unique, unique or not unique bid.
  2. Unique bids still have a chance of winning as long as the auction is in progress. So keep checking regulary to see if it has become lowest unique.
  3. Each auction has a set number of bids before it ends and when it ends the winner is then verified.
  4. No one except the person winning knows what the lowest unique bid is currently at, not even HappyBid!

The Auction Page Guide

On the auction page you'll find the following information:

Value: This is how much the item is worth.
Coins Per Bid: This is how many coins will be used for each guess you make.
Bids Remaining: This is the number of bids left before the auction ends.

Placing Bids

Once you have some coins you can start playing the game! When bidding there are two options:

Single Bid: Simply enter a single bid amount and click the button.
Multi Bid: With a Multi Bid you can bid between a range, for example £0.04 and £0.15. If this was a 1 coin per play auction, this would use 11 of your coins.

Don't forget! The "£" sign is already entered for you, so you just have to type the value of your bid. E.g. 0.04 for 4pence, or 1.34 for £1.34.

Once You Win

When you win an auction you will be notified by email and our team at HappyBid will contact you to get your prize sent out to you! Just pay your winning bid and we do the rest.

If your winning bid is under 50p we pay it for you! Just sit back and wait for your prize to arrive :)