Frequently Asked Questions
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It's simple really, users bid on items which end after a set number of bids. The lowest unique bid then wins! Find out more on our How It Works page.

We currently have 5 different coin packs available:

25 Coins £4.99
50 Coins £9.99
110 Coins £19.99
230 Coins £39.99
600 Coins £99.99

In short, no! Unlike gambling where the return on your upfront investment is directly related to luck, our auctions do not contain the same risk factor as luck and chance. The reason for this is because you are not waging your money on the probability that a certain event will happen. Instead, you are spending your money on a bid to place on an auction, that you have a fair chance of winning.

In our auctions, success depends on the exercise of skill & judgement by the participants and does not, as it does in a lottery, rely wholly on chance.

In a HappyBid auction you are given information on if your bid is the lowest unique, not unique, or unique but not lowest. This gives you the oppotunity to develop a bidding strategy. We also provide a list of completed auctions which show the winning bid and all bids that were placed, further helping you to strategize.

The Gambling Commission also confirms the above on their website.

Please feel free to contact us via our contact page, or if we are available through our live chat.